Product Review: Venus Gaming Mouse
Release time: 2015-07-29


UTechSmart’s Venus Gaming Mouse is all set to take the gaming industry by storm. Compatible with the Windows Operating System (Vista, XP, 7 and 8), the new hardware has a unique design with 18 programmable buttons, multiple LED features and several other impressive innovations. Here’s a brief look into the product:

Appearance * * *

Venus Gaming Mouse is significantly different, in appearance, from UTech’s High Precision Gaming Mouse and provides a range of new features. With 12 side-buttons, 18 programmable buttons and a TEFLON coating, the mouse has an extended design that can support three fingers during use. The 8-piece weight tuning set allows you to adjust the mouse as per your own gaming style and the game type.

Venus vs. High Precision * * * *

The Venus Gaming Mouse redefines innovation and customized gaming experience..  It stands at 1.5 inches with 11 additional programming buttons. Similarly, the Venus model can support up to 16400 DPI, which is a significant upgrade from the 5700 DPI of the previous model. Flexibility, more LED options and TEFLON pad of the Venus mouse makes game play easier than ever.

Comfort and Sensitivity * * * * *

The package boasts of 30G acceleration and a cursor speed of up to 150 inches per second. The mouse does not disappoint either. For high-performance action games, the mouse allows seamless control over your character and easy sliding with minimal friction. LED lights can be customized per player, with up to 7 different profiles being stored.

Overall Rating * * * *

For a high-performance gaming console, Venus Gaming Mouse surely lives up to its title. It offers the greatest ease of use and maximum command utilities that make the entire game play mouse-dependent only. Its color combination and LED lightings look great with the console too! The size of the mouse is, however, on the larger side and might be problematic for beginners to get a grip.

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