UtechSmart MMO Mouse Review
Release time: 2015-06-17


UtechSmart MMO Mouse Review

I’ve owned a lot of Computer Mice in my time. From the standard old school ones with the ball that you had to clean to

sleek high tech gaming mouse designed for gaming. Then I was presented with this one. The UtechSmart Venus

MMO Laser Mouse. Designed for MMORPS’s how would it stand to the rest? Read the review to find out!



Size: 4.6 x 3 x 1.5 inches

Weight: 5.3 ounces

Resolution: 1000/2000/4000/8200/16400 CPI Adjustable

Cable Length: 6ft.

Buttons: 19 optimized programmable buttons included 12 mechanical side buttons

OS: Vista/Win7/Win8


19 Programmable Buttons

8 Weights

5 Profiles / Modes

Adjustable Color Profile

What’s in the Box

Not much to say here. You get the usual:

Gaming Mouse

User Manual

CD Driver Disk

Weight Tuning Cartridge


To test this mouse out I did basic computer usage and then of course played a few games.


How does it feel in your hand? It’s surprisingly comfortable for as tall as the mouse is. The height is due to

accomodate the 12 programmable buttons on the side. The mouse literally molds to your hand while your using it.

The way its designed cups your fingers in place ensuring that you won’t miss click while playing.

One thing to note here. The surface. Its a very smooth plastic. Due to that it does tend to get ‘oily’. Your hand won’t

slip off. I did have to wipe down the mouse quite a bit. Its a personal grip that it wasn’t a textured surface instead.

Adjustable Weight

The adjustable weight cartridge is nice as well. With it you can fine tune the overall weight of the mouse to be as light

or as heavy as you wish. If you want it to be super light. Remove all of them. For me? I tend to like a bit of weight so I

left them all in during testing it.

Side Buttons

You would think with 12 buttons on the side it would be a pain in the ass to use. Well thats half true. The 1-6 buttons

are easily accessible. 7-12 are slightly uncomfortable for my thumb to bend and utilize effectively.


The software used to program the mouse is very simple to use. With it you can setup multiple profiles, change the

color of the mouse, use it to program any of the buttons on it. You can even setup custom macros! What I liked is that

when you made changes and clicked the Apply button. It just worked. With some other mice I’ve used in the past the

software would usually crash and I’d lose all my changes.


This is where the mouse really shines. I haven’t been gaming too much lately due to IRL taking up my free time. I still

play Diablo III and Guild Wars 2. Perfect games to test to see what this mouse can do.

Guild Wars 2

In GW2 the UI is setup to where all of your spells/abilities are set to the number keys. At first I attempted to use the

mouse like this. I quickly learned this wasn’t going to work as I tended to want to mash the buttons continuously and

ended up with my thumb overly fatigued. This is where the profiles come into play.

Instead of using the side buttons for spell casting. I re-programmed them for movement. Now I could use my left hand

for spells/abilities and my right hand was now able to use the various movement options to dodge enemy spells. It

took some getting used to but I was able to quickly adapt.

Diablo III

This is your basic dungeon crawler. At its core it’s a very simple game. I was able to leave the default profile on and

switched my spells around for my character. Then I was able to play the game almost entirely with my one hand. I

also used the mouse software to change the wheel settings so I can quickly spam my primary/secondary spells for

the Crusader and Monk that I play. Its not cheating but it almost felt like it!

What I Liked

It fit really great using the mouse for the time I tested with it. I literally molds with your hand becoming an extension

for you to interface with your computer.

Easily programmable features The software that comes with the mouse is very simple and intuitive to use. I was

able to go around and make changes to the multiple profiles it offers and quickly make tweaks as needed. It took

minutes rather than hours adjusting the mouse.

What I Didn’t Like

The surface. The smooth plastic just felt weird. This is more of personal taste rather than a flaw of the mouse as it

worked perfectly.

The side buttons. More specifically the buttons 7-12 on the side. They were somewhat difficult to reach and I ended

up using them sparingly while testing.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a fantastic gaming mouse. If you’re big into games such as MMORPG’s like Guild Wars 2 or World at

Warcraft than this is the mouse for you!

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