UtechSmart Saturn Gaming Keyboard Initial Product Review
Release time: 2015-06-17


Today my new UtechSmart Saturn Gaming Keyboard arrived, and just in time too! I had been using a competitor’s product, the Perixx Multifunction Backlit keyboard, quite happily for some time. They’re both available on Amazon, and they’re both around $30, depending on what sort of sales are happening. However, the Perixx’s lights have starting failing, notably the CAPS lock light (a button I frequently use), and the keyboard’s additional functions just don’t cut it.

Anyway, to the unboxing. The product came in a fairly standard
keyboard box – slim, simple box just large enough to hold the keyboard. Unlike the Venus Gaming Mouse I’ve previously reviewed, the packaging for the Saturn
isn’t fancy at all. Included in the box is a small, single page user manual, and a company appreciation program card.

Out of the box, the
Saturn is extremely light relative to the Perixx. The Saturn is also noticeably smaller than the Perixx, which I rather appreciate. The Perixx always felt huge and took up a lot of space on my desktop. Using the Saturn to type this now, it’s a much better fit for a medium to small sized desk. The Saturn
has a shorter cord than the Perixx, but the fact that it’s a braided cord makes a huge difference. It’s the same USB plug and cord I’ve come to appreciate on the Venus mouse, which I’m extremely happy about.

Once plugged in, the
Saturn immediately starting flashing its new “marquee lighting” feature. It basically scrolled a parade of all its available colors across the light board behind the keys, something I found rather distracting. Considering myself an advanced computer user, I set about to change the lights to something easier on the eyes. This proved rather difficult, however, as the only obvious button to push simple changed the order of the colors in the scrolling marquee. I had to give up and read through the little manual, which itemizes all the different color options and how to utilize them. It wasn’t completely clear in the manual which keys caused which functions, as they didn’t seem to always do what they said they were. But after playing around with the light key, function key, and F9, 10 and 11, I was able to master the use of the lighting function. The easy part is adjusting the brightness, which is done by the large knob on the top center of the keyboard

Having typed most of this review on the Saturn, it’s definitely a quality replacement for my old
keyboard. The lighting function alone is a neat option, and is definitely fun to play with. I also really like the feel of the keys. While not a mechanical keyboard, the keys have a nice soft feel to them and good response, a combo that yields rather quiet typing. The one key I’ve got a bone to pick with is the backspace key. I’ve made plenty of errors writing this, and pushing the backspace key seems to take a little extra effort than I’m used to from most keyboards. It could just need some time to get broken in, so I’ll report on that with my next review. All in all, a great keyboard. Below are links to the Saturn, available on Amazon.


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