Product Review: Saturn Gaming Keyboard
Release time: 2015-08-04


Make no mistake about it: UTechSmart à UtechSmart is here to stay and is giving all gaming hardware companies a run for their money. With their new keyboard design, the Saturn 7 Colors Backlit USB Multimedia Gaming Keyboard, the company continues to redefine the gaming experience with user-friendly designs. Here’s a look at the hits and missed of this product:

The Looks * * * * *

The first thing that strikes you when you look at the Saturn Keyboard is the LED. It offers an interesting green-red-blue combination with brightness adjustment tools. Similarly, a Breathing Frequency adjuster is also in-built. Even in the darkest of all game rooms, Saturn shines the brightest with a captivating blend of colors!

Excellent Ergonomic Design * * * *

Saturn Keyboard boasts of an ergonomically-designed frame and lives up to the title. It’s compact frame and light weight allows you to fit it onto any gaming console, with a Windows operating system. 12 media keys give you the fastest access to all your applications. Furthermore, the 10 waterproof drainage holes mean that you don’t have to worry about the keyboard heating up or spilling over your soda! However, the height and width can be a turn off for those who aiming for a slim design.

Fiber Cable and Interchangeable Directions * * * *

The key sensitivity factor is better than other designs. It comes with a braided-fiber cable with gold-plated USB connector that ensures greater connectivity and durability. The WASD keys are interchangeable and can be recalibrated and reprogrammed to control player movements, for a number of different users.

Keys, keys and more Keys * * * * *

19 non-conflicting keys that allow simultaneous operation are just what you need to win any game, without the fear of pressing the wrong keys. The direction keys are interchangeable. Furthermore, rubber coating ensures minimal finger damage, even in long hours of gameplay. The keyboard contains 20 multimedia functions spread over 12 keys with a total of 104 Laser Engraving Keys. That’s more than enough to play for the championship trophy in any game.

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