Venus Gaming Mouse
Release time: 2015-08-12


Taking designing innovations to the next level, UTechSmart launches its new product: the Venus 50 to 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse. With up to 18 programmable buttons, a weight tuning cartridge, 12 side buttons and 5 programmable user profiles, the new gaming mouse is set to revolutionize the gaming experience for all users. Here’s what the product offers:

Maximum Customization * * * * *

Hardware applications are only effective when they are designed keeping in mind their ease of use. The Venus Gaming Mouse is ergonomically designed - keeping the needs of avid gamers and their video game consoles in mind. It offers up to 16400 DPI with a 1000 Hz polling rate. In addition, cursor speeds ranging between 100-150 inches per second can be expected - one of the highest speeds for a gaming mouse. The inner Omron micro switches provide firmer clicks - allowing the mouse to capture up to 12000 FPS with 30G acceleration.

Complete Control over Game * * *

Venus Gaming Mouse provides a contour body that allows you to rest your index, middle and ring fingers over the frame. Designed with durable and smooth TEFLON pads, the mouse enhances your game experience with easy pointer movement and provides a great GUI. Other notable high-end features include 18 buttons, 12 side buttons and a breathing light in 5 colors that not only improve your gaming experience, but also help you play in the dark. However, the large design might be a bit tricky to handle for new users.

Better Grip * * * *

Designed for the best right hand grip, this Gaming Mouse has a rubber painted surface that provides a steady control throughout the game. It comes with a 6ft. braided-fiber cable along with a gold-plated USB connector that not only promises greater durability, but also adds charm and appeal to your video game console. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP.

Design Specifications * * * * *

Venus Gaming Mouse offers a unique design and display and provides advanced features to ensure the best game play. It can save up to 5 different memory profiles with a different LED light-based identification for each player profile. The mouse has over 16 million LED color options, allowing you to choose from limitless options when it comes to selecting a back light for your game. An 8-piece weight tuning set, measuring 2.4g is also provided to ensure smooth and friction-free mouse sliding.

Added Features and Warranty * * * * *

UTechSmart offers an 18-month manufacturer warranty against any defects, bugs or unsatisfactory performances of the Venus Gaming Mouse. In addition, the product includes several new features, such as:

ü      Special Setting Switch Buttons for maximum efficiency and better game control

ü      Pixel-precise observation and targeting features

ü      Customizable and adjustable weight system as per your playing style and settings

ü      2500, 4000, 8000, 8200 and 16400 DPI options to choose from

ü      A unique and artistic display that enhances your video game console appearance

Offered exclusively at UTechSmart, the Venus Gaming Mouse can easily be ordered from the company’s website or by placing an order through using the following link:

To learn more about the product and check out demo videos, please click here.

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