Affiliate Marketing

Utechsmart seeks anyone who can work a mouse to do our affiliate marketing. We offer partners a great, high converting offer with up to 15% payouts. All you have to do is post a banner or text link on your website, social media sites or all marketing communications with our marketing materials. Let us help you to make easy money.

Reasons to Join

1. Payouts : Earn recurring up to 15% commissions

2. Convenient Payouts : Get paid monthly via PayPal

3. Marketing Materials: Grab out high-converting banners, text ads. Keep up-to-date affiliate info on your websites and all marketing communications

4. Performance Report : Track your sales, commissions and payouts

How it work

1. Applicant completes the form

2. After verification, UtechSmart will send you marketing materials with promo code to general marketing banner for your post.

3. Utechsmart will send you a performance report and payout info the end of the month

Legal Notice

1. Not to use any unsolicited or spam email to promote Utechsmart deals

2. Not contain misleading or deceptive marketing activities

3. Not contain any offensive or inappropriate content

4. UtechSmart reserves the right to determine if publisher submissions meet the qualifying criteria of our Affiliate Marketing program.

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