Article Marketing

Article marketing has become one of the most influentialand much talked aboutinternet traffic source today. It is an effective strategy for getting more leads and more sales. Articles should be interesting to read, relevant to the posted sites, and lead readers to related website(s). Furthermore, these articles should increase UtechSmart’s brand awareness and reputation in the US market.

Writer Qualifications

1. Has been a tech geek for at least 1 year.

2. Has been a gamer for at least 1 year.

3. Has written about tech or gaming for at least 1 year.

4. Types of writing experience:

* Product review articles.

* Product demonstration articles.

* Product comparison articles.

Writer Application Process

1. Applicant completes the form.

2. UtechSmart will review your application and contact you within 3 days.

3. If approved, UtechSmart will ship you a product for the article.

Writer Work Flow

1. Writer receives the product.

2. Write the article (5-6 days).

3. UtechSmartreviews the article (1-2 days).

4. Writer posts the article ( 1-2 days ).

Article Posting Requirements

1. The writer is responsible for posting his/herarticle to four of the following sites:

* (Must)






* The writer’s own social media sites (if available).

* Tech/Gaming related sites.

* Tech/Gaming related blogs or forums.

2. The writer is produce a new article every other week.

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