Social Media Marketing

If you are running a tech/gaming blog/forum and are interested in promoting our products, please follow the steps below:

Tech/Gaming Blog/Forum Qualifications

1. Has to been built for at least 1 year.

2. Has to have at least 500 visit daily or at least 500 follower/subscribers.

3. Has written about tech/gaming for at least 1 year.

4. Types of writing experience:

* Product review articles.

* Product demonstration articles.

* Product comparison articles.

Writer Application Process

1. Applicant completes the form.

2. UtechSmart will review your application and contact you within 3 days.

3. If approved, UtechSmart will ship you a product for the article/video.

Writer Work Flow

1. Writer receives the product.

2. Write the article and shoot the video ( 7 days).

3. UtechSmart reviews the article/ video (1-2 days).

4. Writer posts them over their tech/gaming blog/forum ( 1-2 days ).


1. The blog/Forum has to produce a new article/video every other week.

2. Article/video needs to stay on blog/forum for at least 2 weeks.

Legal Notice

1. UtechSmart retains the copyright to the article/video.

2. UtechSmart retains the right to edit the article/video.

3. UtechSmart is free to re-post the article/video to other public media.

4. UtechSmart reserves the right to determine if user submissions meet the qualifying criteria of our Social Media Marketing Program.

If everything goes well, we are more than love to support you constant products for gaming reviews. This way , to keep your sites up-to-dated and traffic growing organically.

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Your Full Name:

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Links Of The Tech/Gaming blog/Forum:

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Article You Have Written For The Smilar Product As You’ve Chosen:

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