YouTube Video Marketing

If you are running a YouTube channel and are interested in creating an unboxing and review video of UtechSmart products, please follow the steps below:

1. Applicant completes the form .

2. After verification, UtechSmart will send you the product which you’ve selected within 3 days. For the first cooperation, only one product may be chosen.

3. Contributors should complete the unboxing and review video within 1 week. Upload the video and send us the link by e-mail.

4. The content of the video must include:

* Product unboxing.

* Product features.

* Product LED lighting display.

* Put the links that we offer on the video description.

* Mention the product giveaway.

* Mention the discount code in the video and put it on the description.

5. Giveaway rule:

Contributors should like our Facebook page: and leave a comment. UtechSmart will select one winner within a week after the video is uploaded and send him (her) a free gift.

6. Discount code:

(1) UtechSmart will offer you an unique Amazon discount code.

(2) You set up a promotion for this..

(3) The discount code and promotion duration will be set to run for 60 days. (The 60 day duration is for our first cooperation only. If the promotion runs well, we will have a long term relationship together).

(4) UtechSmart will send you the sales data which shows the number of customers who used the code during the promotional period. (Since the discount code is unique to you, you will receive credit for anyone who uses the code).

(5) UtechSmart will share the commission (we will confirm this via e-mail) with you for each purchase. UtechSmart will wire the money to you monthly via Paypal.

(6) After each promotion, you should send UtechSmart a report about:

a. The text, pictures, and/or banner you've posted.

b. Where customers found the promotion code (Youtube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.).UtechSmart reserves the right of final explanation for the YouTube Video Marketing Program.

Video Marketing

1. Select a product.

2. Download and fill in the form.

3. Send e-mail to (within 3 days).

4. Product sent by UtechSmart(within one week).

5. Complete the unboxing and review video.

6. You send us the video links (within one day).

7. UtechSmart send you the links and discount code (within one day).

8. Video upload (within one week).

9. Giveaway campaign set up.

10. A gift to the winner sent by UtechSmart (within 1 months).

11. UtechSmart will send you the data of the sales (within one day).

12. You send us the promotion report (within one day).

13. UtechSmart wire you the payment via PayPal.

Product You Have Selected:

(Only one product can be chosen for the first cooperation)


Your Email Address:


Your Full Name:

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Your Youtuber Channel:


Your PayPal Account:


Reviews You Have Made For The Smilar Product As You’ve Chosen:

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Are You lnterested ln Other Campaign Besides This One? Which One?:

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