Review Reward Campaign

If you enjoy playing games using our UtechSmart products, we need help from our fans to generate more product reviews, more positive feedback, and more review likes on Amazon and Facebook. To encourage our fans to share their experiences, we are starting a rewards campaign. Fans can earn and redeem points for UtechSmart products when they post on Amazon or Facebook from August 15th to December 31st, 2015.

Earn points each time you contribute

On Amazon:

We want to hear from our fans who love our products and want to tell others about it.


Your Voice Counts. UtechSmart is very interested in hearing how you feel about our products and service. What did you like or didn like about our product or service? What can we do to improve your experience with us? What kind of new products would you like to see from UtechSmart?

Get Rewarded

Go to  to see what store to see what products you can redeem. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem your reward points at any time during the campaign. You can combine the points you’ve earned from both Amazon and Facebook contributions when you redeem.

To redeem your contribution points for gifts from our Facebook store, please follow the steps below:

1. E-mail a legible screenshot of your contribution to

2. UtechSmart will review your submission and reply back with a confirmation and your points. Save your confirmation emails. You will need them to redeem your rewards.

3. Once you have accumulated enough points for a redemption, email us your confirmation emails, the points and product you wish to redeem, and your mailing address.

4. UtechSmart will mail your redemption reward free of delivery.